Most guys think that in order to lose weight and gain muscle they need to starve themselves and spend half of their lives in the gym. This couldn't be further from the truth. With a few simple hacks to your diet, exercise, and sleep routines, you can build the kind of strong, attractive, and healthy body women wished more guys had.

Your Diet

Forget about stressing out counting calories, fat, and carbs. Don't bother with sketchy supplements. Best of all, rid yourself of the notion that you need to be hungry all the time, and that when you do eat you are chowing down on rabbit food. This is the kind of advice people have been told they need to do to lose weight and gain muscle for a long time now. And we can all see how well that worked.

The best diet is one that allows you to eat until you are full without packing on extra fat. The reason most people think this is an impossible feat is due to the high concentration of "food products African Lean Belly " instead of real food in our diets. Modern processed foods consist of loads of sugar, refined vegetable oils, and chemicals. If your grandmother would never have eaten it, then neither should you.

Our modern diet has been shown to boost insulin and leptin resistance, causing us to eat more and accumulate fat. If the bulk of your diet consists of fresh, whole, unprocessed meat, vegetables, eggs, nuts, fruit, and seeds, you will be in excellent shape.

Your Exercise

No more plodding away on treadmills for hours every week, followed by isolation exercises on fancy machines at the gym. The human body is designed to do full-body movements, which will get you in better shape in much less time. By doing total-body workouts, your body will secrete HGH, a hormone that will allow you to better lose weight and build muscle.

You should do lifts such as deadlifts, cleans, presses, jerks, and snatches. Also add in some bodyweight exercises such as push ups, planks, squats, dips and pull ups. Throw in plenty of walking and a little bit of sprinting and that's all you will ever need!

Your Stress Levels

An often-overlooked part of people's plans to get fit is reducing their stress levels. Higher cortisol levels as a result of high stress levels are implicated in causing fat accumulation and muscle loss. Make sure you get enough sleep and avoid stressful situations as much as possible. Make sure you take time to do the things you enjoy in life.


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